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Google explains one of the worst malware affecting Android smartphones

If you have an Android smartphone there is a possibility that your device may catch malware from apps installed on the Google Play Store.

The explanation of the malware called “Joker” or “Bread” is simple, but Google has not offered a concrete answer to solve the problem. This is one of the biggest issues with Android smartphones, so let’s take some precautions when installing an app on the Google Play store.

Joker malware overview for Android smartphones

Malware Joker Android smartphones

This is malware implemented by developers in their applications. Malware is intended to install other applications on the smartphone without user authorization and, in many cases, to subscribe to Premium services (in which the user will run out of money) without the same authorization.

These Premium Services can be via Apps or SMS. The user receives a notification with the link and clicking on the link is literally plotted.

Malware Joker Android smartphones

In 2019 alone, 1,700 Google Play Store apps were deleted with this malware, and Google seems to have no hands to measure to remedy the problem.

Applications come to the Google Play Store without a trace of malware, but when they reach 1000 downloads, developers release an application update with the infected code. When Google notices the problem, it’s too late. Even if Google removes the app from the Play Store, it will still be installed on your smartphone.

False reviews to increase downloads

These apps are starting to gain fame due to fake reviews implemented by paid users. Be it a warehouse in India or anywhere in the world.

Reviews refer to how “fantastic” the app is. This leads users to install the application and later suffer the consequences.

What to do to beware

Since Google doesn’t seem to solve the problem in your info article, here are some precautions to take before installing apps on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately some of these tips will eventually directly affect honest developers who are trying at all costs to make a living from their work.

  • Beware of apps that promise something impossible (see x-ray for example or make smartphone faster)
  • Always check how many downloads the application has (less than 1000 and take care)
  • Check if your reviews look honest (details and complaints are good evidence)
  • Leave the app aside on your smartphone. If you start seeing advertising pop-ups or something weird you know where the problem comes from
  • Confirm in the “settings” – “applications” that you deleted (even) the application when you uninstalled it.

As a lover of freedom and the Android system, it’s sad to see that Google continues to slouch in the face of App checks and updates. If all updates were reviewed by humans this problem would not happen.

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