Google Earth on your phone will literally allow you to see stars!

google aerth

Until now, only the desktop version of Google Earth has allowed users to view stars in space. However, that will change for Google Earth users on their mobile phones who will also be able to see stars, literally.

Google says that because mobile phones are becoming increasingly powerful and capable of reproducing all sorts of graphics, it does not make sense to have a black background in Earth view, as it doesn’t look realistic.

google aerth
Google Earth interface, showing the stars accurately

With the new function, Google informs that it is enough to rotate the globe to see images of the Milky Way, collected by the European Observatory. The stars appear at an estimated point of 48,000 kilometers above the Earth.

The announcement was made by the Mountain View company on their blog, where they detail that “all kinds of people use Google Earth, from scientists to citizens who love to explore the planet. Whether zooming in on exploring the Earth or enjoying our globe, we want to provide the opportunity to look at the stars. “

Google has already mapped 98% of the planet

A CNET report made last year revealed that Google has already managed to map 98% of the world on the ground, thus building the Google Earth database. In terms of terrain coverage, we are talking about 16 million kilometers covered.

16 million kilometers are equivalent to around 400 trips around the world. According to Google Maps product director Ethan Russel, image is the key to the mapping process and a key part of development.

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