Google Duplex begins to arrive officially! Remember the fantastic free service

Google Duplex begins to arrive officially! Remember the fantastic free service

Google Duplex was unveiled at Google I / O and surprised the world. Basically you'll be able to do tasks with simple screen taps that the Google Assistant handles the rest. Not even that rest is to call somewhere.

Don't be sad if you no longer remember this service. After all, it's been so long since Google revealed it and nothing else has been heard about the service that the "forgotten promises" aren't always in our minds. So you see Google Duplex in action in the video below.

Here's an example of the Google Duplex service.

This video shows us exactly how the Google Duplex service works. This is when the service does not have an online service to book.

If, for example, the service has online reservations, Google Duplex does not need to call the property and immediately dials it. All this with the details you have stored in your Google Chrome.

Google Duplex starts working in the U.S. and U.K.

Google Duplex

The first two countries to receive the news are the US and the UK. Certainly because English is the main language and because some theaters wanted to be the first to offer this type of service.

So in a few months, users in those countries will simply be able to go to Google Assistant who want to watch a movie at certain times, and the assistant will take care of the rest.

Unfortunately it will be a while before the service arrives in UK. It was in 2018 that Google officially unveiled the technology and it is only now that it begins to reach the countries with the most possibilities.

However, not everything is bad! The assistant has already arrived in UK with our UK’s. That is, there is a light at the bottom of the tunnel. Whether for this technology or any other functionality that the assistant gives us.

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