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Google Duo on the web will receive new functionality that you will love!

Google Duo continues to present itself as one of the best and most versatile applications for making video calls on the most varied platforms. In addition to excellent quality, the fact that it is available for virtually all devices, makes it even more desirable.

In addition to being available for Android and iOS, the Google Duo has also won a web version since last year. Thanks to its wide availability, you will be able to keep in touch with your friends and family, no matter what platform you are using.

Google DUo

Although not officially launched, it has already been confirmed through an anonymous source on the 9to5Google website that they will implement support for picture-in-picture. This is an extremely popular feature on Android, allowing you to continue performing the most varied tasks while you are on a video call.

How will the new functionality work and when will it arrive?

Unfortunately, no possible release date for the new feature has been revealed. Still, the same source revealed that it is expected over the next few months.

As with many other platforms, also on Google Duo the functionality picture-in.picture it can be used in a very practical and simple way.

To activate, you will only need to click on a small icon, which “jumps” the image to a small rectangle that will always remain on top of the image. That is, you will be able to interact with other applications, always keeping the Google Duo pop-up window in the frontal plane.

Google Duo still doesn’t have a rival to match!

With regard to global use, we cannot count Apple’s Facetime as a rival to the Google Duo, as it is only available within the Apple ecosystem.

On the other hand, Google Duo can be used on iOS, Android and also in its web version.

Google Duo Facetime

Considering the level of its performance, available features and versatility, Google’s offer remains without a rival to match.

Over the last few years we have seen several improvements in its features, such as support for “night” mode, which dramatically improves image quality in low light environments.

Other less crucial features were also implemented that ended up making the application even more complete. Currently, you can also send short video, voice and message messages, making it a perfect alternative for the archaic “voicemails”.

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