The Google Duo continues, for many, to remain the best application ever for making video calls. In addition to being available for Android, iOS and also with Web version, this application already offers a wide variety of tools that guarantee an extremely rich user experience.

Now, Google has launched a new feature called “Notes”, which is already being made available to all users. If you have not yet received the new implementation, make sure you do not have an update pending. Still, the company confirmed that all users will receive the update by the end of this week.

Google Duo Notes 4gnews

No, this is no longer a desperate attempt to create a text messaging service

Contrary to what many users may think when they face the name “Note”, this new feature is not at all related to a traditional text messaging platform. Instead, its main objective is to offer a quick and practical alternative to send sporadic messages to your friends and family.

It has been possible for a long time to send video messages, but there are many situations in which this is not possible, making it impossible to leave a quick message using Google Duo.

Finally, after too many failed attempts, it seems that Google has decided to definitively forget its frustrating stubbornness in creating a service / application capable of rivaling WhatsApp and Telegram.

Google Duo Notes

What you can do with the “Notes” feature in Google Duo

As you would expect, being a feature to be used sporadically and to send quick messages, this is extremely simple, practical and quick to use.

You will have 8 background colors, 6 different fonts, 3 brushes and 9 colors for your drawings. Google has published some examples that demonstrate the type of messages in which “Notes” can be very useful.

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