Google Duo gains the functionality that we all wanted to have!

Google Duo screen sharing

The Google Duo is finally bringing the functionality that has been talked about recently. Google’s video calling app already allows users to share their screen while they’re in a video call.

This is a feature that has long been requested. There are many scenarios where this feature is useful. I remember, for example, being out of the country and wanting to show my parents how they could do something on their cell phones. With Google Duo and screen sharing, you no longer need to walk “spiders” to explain something quickly.

Google Duo and screen sharing in a video call

Google Duo screen sharing

This feature was revealed today by Google, that is, it is very likely that it will only reach your application in the next days or weeks. Usually this type of updates reaches users in a phased manner. This is so that you can fix bugs that were not detected in the Beta versions of the application.

Google Duo is one of the best video calling apps

Google Duo

With the Covid-19 pandemic, video calls became more commonplace. However, Apps for this purpose are not as perfect as expected.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger continue to be the most used, much for convenience. However, the image and sound quality is far from being matched to FaceTime or Google Duo.

The advantage of Google Duo for FaceTime (from Apple), is that it can be used on an Android phone, iPhone or even on the PC. Something we didn’t get with FaceTime which is exclusive for Apple users.

In addition, Google Duo provides us with the possibility to have a video call with quality sound. Sound is one of the most important aspects of a video call and is often ignored.

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