Google Duo also hits the smart columns Google Home

Google Duo also hits the smart columns Google Home

At the time of the presentation of the Google Home Hub, it was revealed that it would be able to make calls on Google Duo, although it did not come equipped with a camera. However, even though it had been speculated, there was no confirmation of its arrival at the various Google Home columns.

Now new information confirms that both Home and Home Mini already support making and receiving Google Duo audio calls. This is a feature that could prove extremely useful in many situations.

Quite simply, you can make quick calls between Home devices. But the new feature is not limited to calls within the same network as you can associate your phone number with each speaker.

Google Duo is becoming one of Google's most complete services

It's important to note that this feature has not been officially revealed yet, so it may not yet be available to all users. However, several users have already reported the arrival of the feature. Thus, it is probably already being made available globally.

As you would expect, the way to make calls is quite simple and practical. Just use the voice command "Duo audio call Speaker X", surely it will also be possible to make calls to the various contacts you have on your list.

Ok. So it works like this: "Duo audio call Speaker X" Short tap to answer, long tap (hold) to hang-up / decline.

– David (@D_Slawotsky) March 1, 2019

For when you are receiving a call from Google Duo in one of your Home columns, you can answer the call with a short tap, or hang up / reject the call with a long tap.

I recall that Google Duo recently officially received its web version, making it even more useful and versatile. Now, it not only presents itself as the best video calling service on Android smartphones. But also as the best alternative to popular Skype on the computer.

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