Google does not buy HTC, but the deal involves one billion euros!
Google and HTC reached a slightly different deal

It was said yesterday that Google could be close to acquiring HTC's hardware segment, however, after the deal was made official, we now have the information that things are a bit different than we expected.

"It was a matter of time!" – I commented yesterday to my colleagues and friends of EBox. HTC is far from what it was and not even the latest HTC10 and U11 flagships can save the boat.

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He firmly believed that today would be the day he would write that the Asian company tired of trying and surrendering at Google's feet. The deal, as I said, indicated that the Mountain View company would be about to acquire the department that makes the smartphones, but another story turned out.

Google and HTC have reached a $ 1.1 billion deal on some employees and some patent shares! Exactly, Google has just paid an amount that is unimaginable to many for employees and patents.

It has been seen in the past that when it comes to patents, Google doesn't mind paying dearly. The American company bought Motorola for a million dollar value and sold it for "half a dozen change" without the patents they wanted!

The employees involved in this acquisition are some of the talents who worked closely with Google on the development of Pixel and Pixel XL. Which Neymar which what? It looks like engineers are worth a lot more than a football star!

But what does this mean for Google and HTC?

This means that HTC will continue to be the mythical company we have always known and are apparently already working on the U11 successor. And Google will now have at your disposal some allegedly valuable patents and a group of employees worth more than raw gold!

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