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Google discontinues one of the best and most annoying Android services

Google discontinues one of the best and most annoying Android servicesGoogle has decided to put an end to its best, but most annoying, services on the Android platform. As soon as this service arrived I thought, "Wow, fantastic". As developers began to realize that they could increase sales volume with this, it got a lot worse. I explain.

Google had a service on the Android system called "Nearby notifications", so if you were near a service that was at a discount, you could take advantage of promotions you weren't aware of.

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For example, when I was passing through the city from time to time, I received a notification stating that the "Hotel Chocolat" was doing a 2-way 3 pay promotion. Most of the time I didn't care, but there is a measure. The more services were aware of this service, the more my phone beeped with products or services that were not in my interest.

Say goodbye to Google Nearby Notifications on your Android

One thing is when you download an app and you know you'll get notifications about something that interests you. For example, the EBox application. When you are installing the app on your Android you know that you won't miss out on the tech world. Perfect.

Another thing is when you're on the street and you get notifications from scratch for businesses you've never heard of. Even if the information was meant for your use it was one thing, but it wasn't. Notifications were sent to all nearby users.

The abuse of the developers caused Google to simply cancel the service. Now we have something identical in Google Maps, but slightly different. Google Maps gives you the ability to rate certain services or locations on the map. Although far from being the right one, it is a service that I find advantageous for everyone.

In UK this "Nearby Notifications" service was not exactly the most popular, as there are still many businesses that prefer the traditional method over the technological one. However, if you were living in a big city, you may have already had such notifications that did not fit your lifestyle at all. Well, it's over!

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