Google Clock solves one of the application’s biggest problems

Google Clock solves one of the application

I’m a lover of the Google Clock app just because it wakes me up with the music I love so much without having to download it to my smartphone.

However, like me, some users were having trouble syncing their Google Clock with Spotify. Many users have reported problems where the alarm clock music starts to play and even after deactivating it the music was still on Spotify. Even with Spotify saying that nothing was playing.

The problem between synchronizing Google Clock with Spotify

In this video we can see the specific problem. As I mentioned, even after the user turned off the Google Clock alarm, the music continued to play a few seconds later.

This meant that the user had to go to Spotify and turn off the music. Even on Spotify saying that nothing was playing at the time.

The problems didn’t stop there

Google Clock solves one of the application's biggest problems

In my case, things were a little different and it didn’t always happen. In my situation, the music just didn’t play. Even after selecting which playlist you wanted. At first I thought it was the alarm I had selected but everything was as it should be.

Spotify solves the problem in the update

The complaints continued to happen and it seems that Spotify discovered the problem. This is because the music application update arrives to solve the problem. It remains for us to know if it will really resolve once and for all.

The Google watch works with Apps other than Spotify (Pandora and Youtube Music), however, since you can use the music you want even if you are not a Premium user, it is much more worth having Spotify connected to the watch. Here’s how to select a song (even if it’s not Premium).

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