Google Chromecast is one of my favorite gadgets. I never hid it and I am happy that such a gadget exists in my house. In addition to broadcasting Youtube, Netflix or any other screenshare, it also gives me the opportunity to make televisions speakers for a unique sound system.

However, in my opinion, there are aspects that Google should consider for Google Chromecast. To be more concrete, I have two features that Google Chromecast should improve so that it doesn’t become irrelevant in the future.

Google Chromecast should have a better User Interface

Android TV Google Chromecast

With the growth of TVs with Android TV, Google Chromecast is lagging behind. Chromecast is a perfect gadget to make an old TV smarter, however, the lack of User Interface leaves me frustrated.

I always have to pick up my smartphone to put a video on television (or by voice through Google Home). That is, this Chromecast does nothing that a SmartTV with Android TV does not do. In fact, it has fewer possibilities.

I understand that the hardware is small to give us something powerful and quality. However, Google has been trying cloud-based tools (like Stadia) that are gradually going there.

A simple User Interface like Android TV wouldn’t demand a lot from Chromecast and I see no reason why Google will continue not to invest in it.

With a User Interface a command must arrive

Android TV Google Chromecast

The smartphone is a fantastic command, however, when I’m at home the smartphone doesn’t usually walk behind me. When I’m in the living room watching TV, the smartphone isn’t always with me.

For now, just tell Google Home to continue my favorite series by voice and Chromecast follows orders. However, if my desire referred to above for a better User Interface became real, I needed a small command to control the small gadget.

Google Chromecast risks ceasing to exist

Google Chromecast

As with the Google Chromecast Audio, Chromecast for TV is also in danger of ceasing to exist. This is because there are more and more televisions with Android TV.

If Google can’t find a way to give us a small, inexpensive gadget with more features, I would venture to say that Google Chromecast has its days numbered. Hopefully it’s wrong.

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