Google Chrome will use artificial intelligence to describe blind images

Google Chrome will use artificial intelligence to describe blind images

Google has announced a new feature of Chrome that will be extremely useful for blind or visually impaired users. The function will use artificial intelligence to analyze and recognize images, providing descriptions of them in text or voice.

The same technology implemented in image search is used as in Google Photos, for example. If you open the app and search for keywords like "sun", "beach", "cars", your photos will appear that match the words if you have them.

This is a way to increase internet accessibility for those who need it. Content on the internet is mostly visual and blind people need these tools embedded in applications or screens that support Braille.

braille reader
A reader converts computer text for Braille reading

Current tools for blind people may not be enough

Laura Allen, one of Chrome's accessibility managers, has vision problems. Allen explains that when using a screen reader or Braille reader, the descriptions are insufficient, appearing only as "image" or "unidentified visual component". In the worst case, the user hears a series of numbers that corresponds to the image file number.

With this new Google Chrome tool, images will get a minimally decent description. Users are warned that the description is artificially generated and may not be 100% correct but they get a general idea of ​​the image elements.

This feature is in Google Chrome's advanced accessibility settings. You can also right-click a page and request a description of existing images. Users will still need a screen reader with speech or Braille output.

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