Google Chrome will receive a novelty for the tabs long requested!

Groups tabs

Google just announced a set of new features for Chrome. Among the revelations, the one that will be most appreciated by users will be the possibility of grouping tabs.

This feature has been in development for some time and now Google finally admits its existence. For now still in beta, it won’t be long before everyone starts receiving this important new feature.

Organize your Chrome with tab groups

If you are one of those who use Chrome intensively, it is possible that you have already encountered a huge number of tabs open at the same time. When this is the case, it sometimes becomes difficult to understand exactly what we have already opened.

Groups tabs

Now you will have the possibility to group them by themes, in order to find what you are looking for more quickly. With a simple click you can expand a set of tabs and the reverse can be done in the same way.

This functionality will be even more precious with the performance improvements that Google has put in Chrome. According to her, the tabs will be 10% faster to open, so you don’t get stuck between tasks.

The rest of Google Chrome

As I mentioned at the beginning, separator groups are just one of the novelties. Google also announced a perfect mode for touch screens. Coming first to Chromebooks, this new feature will make the tabs bigger so it’s easier to navigate between them on tablets, for example.

Touch tabs

Have you ever happened to open a website that you had already opened in another tab? If this happens in the future, Chrome will indicate that it is already open and suggest that you move directly to the corresponding tab. A novelty that will be aimed at Android.

Finally, we have a preview of the open tabs, the possibility to edit PDF’s directly in Chrome or the sharing of URL’s via QR Code. News that will reach the popular browser in the coming weeks.

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