Google Chrome will make Discovery more prominent in the new update! Understand how!

Google Chrome will make Discovery more prominent in the new update! Understand how!

Google's "Discovery" is the new name the company has decided to give its news. Also known as Google Now. This feature can be found on the main page of the Google app or on some launchers and user interfaces in the left corner of the main page of your Android smartphone.

However, it seems that Google wants to make the news even more prominent. That way, Google Chrome will show the "Discovery" tab when you click to see which windows are open in your browser.

Functionality first came to Chrome Canary

As usual, Google first made the feature available in its Chrome Canary. The "beta" browser that gives us all the news about Google Chrome before it's official.

Google Discovery

So if you want to try the new thing you just need to install Chrome Canary, go to the URL at "chrome: // flags"and search for"# enable-two-panes-start-launcher"

Note that no matter how much Chrome Canary you have installed, you may not yet have access to the news. I just tried it on mine and it's still not possible by my side. That is, the news is likely to come in future server upgrades. Above all will try to activate.

Google News and Discovery have a lot to improve

Google Discovery

I'm a Google Discovery lover. By the way, that's where I always update myself with the news of the world. However, I believe that Google needs to severely improve its application. Both Discovery and Google News, which feeds on Discovery.

I have lost count of websites that get misconfigured with Google News and, worse yet, websites that only let us read the news if we have some kind of Premium subscription. That is, or that is a news source or not.

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