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Google Chrome: This issue is the best example of Google’s exaggerated monopoly

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world and one of my favorites, however, is far from perfect. The browser is not the fastest on the market and the consumption of computer resources is another problem.

However, this situation is even worse. Google is condemning legitimate software as possible malware to all users. Worse yet, nothing tells the developer how to remedy the situation.

The new Google Chrome issue in detail

Imagine you have an application you want to download to your computer or smartphone. By clicking on the download Google Chrome tells you that the program may be malicious and if you are really sure you want to download it. Of course when you see something like that you ask yourself two questions.


However, on the developer side nothing is wrong. The developer has new software that they want to share for free and the file has no malware.

The website in question has years of “good referrals” from legitimate downloads. But none of that matters. The message will appear anyway. Therefore, the developer asks Google to confirm that the software has no malware.

Google does so, and the answer comes that the software is clean from viruses and malware. But even that doesn’t matter. This is because, even after all these steps, potential users who want to download the software will still see the message that the software is potentially dangerous.

Google sells services to solve the problem for 1000 €

Of course Google has a solution for developers. They can always buy a “program verification certificate” for $ 1200, the equivalent of $ 1000 for just 2 years.

Google Chrome Monopoly

That is, with this certificate know that the public will not see the message that your software is “dangerous”. However, for those who make software for free, it is complicated to justify the investment of 1000 € just not to inform such a message.

Google’s monopoly is scary

Google Chrome Monopoly

Google controls almost everything right now. We have the Android system, GPS Maps, web searches, news, advertisements that are shown to you and even the videos on the largest platform for that purpose, Youtube.

When Google decides to take such action, developers wonder how much they can trust that the future will be “free” and “independent.” This is not the first time that Google has been said to ruin or grow your business (whatever it may be), this is yet another example.

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