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Google Chrome tests new functionality that will protect you on the internet. You see

Google Chrome is now testing a new feature that aims to help users better understand whether the website they’re visiting is real or not.

The idea is not new, in fact, this feature has been implemented in Safari for a long time, however, it is good to see that Google is not afraid to “copy” competitors if the goal is to make users safer.

Chrome URL will be modified

Google Chrome

For now the functionality will only be available on the PC. The idea is to “shorten” the URL in order to identify whether the website you are visiting is the real one or not.

There are many websites that pretend to be real by copying their entire design. However, its main purpose is to trick users into entering their data, or at certain times to transfer their money.

Take for example the scam that was reported by us a few years ago. When it was fashionable to “rent houses” on “AirBnB”. I am not talking about houses for a vacation, but houses for rent and living.

The con artists copied the AirBnB website and little difference was noted between the true and the false. The only “big” difference was the URL. Something that would now be easier to identify.

How the new feature works

Google shorten Google Chrome URL

Google explains it in a simple way with a small GIF. Imagine you open the Google Wikipedia page. Instead of seeing “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google” you’ll just see “en.wikipedia.org”. If you hover your mouse over the URL, then you will have the complete information of the information you are looking for.

There is still no information on when the new feature will be available to all users. For now, we have the information that a small group will start to have this feature in their browser. If the answer is positive, we will have the functionality in all Google Chrome around the world.

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