Last February, Chrome changed the way it handles cookies generated by the websites it visits. This measure aims to prevent information from a domain from being accessed by another competitor.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Google will temporarily suspend this feature. The reason for this is to prevent some sites from crashing during the difficult times we are experiencing.

Google does not want certain sites to stop working

The internet is an endless well of services, where we can include some that have proven to be important today. In this range we can include banks, online shopping or government services.


Since some of them promote essential services for people in isolation in their homes, Google does not want to deprive anyone of some of the examples provided. This is due to the fact that some of them need data crossing to work properly.

Google has begun to ban access to data from other sites to increase the privacy of its users. The research giant believes that site A doesn’t have to know what you’ve been doing on site B.

When this news was announced, the North American gave until the end of February for all programmers to implement this in their domains. Since we are already in April, this news was certainly well established.

We don’t know when Google will activate this feature again in its popular browser. Until Covid-19 is properly controlled in the west, I don’t think Google will back down in its decision.

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