Google Chrome solves one of the biggest problems on the internet

Google Chrome solves one of the biggest problems on the internet

Google Chrome solves one of the biggest problems on the internetGoogle Chrome is one of the most important browsers in the world, and one of the most used right now. Although it is starting to come under pressure from Opera, Edge or even Firefox, Google Chrome remains the dominant browser on both PC and smartphone.

That's why I welcome the latest updates that the Mountain View company has implemented in Google Chrome. For Android we have had considerable improvements with the implementation of a new design and button in multitasking. Now we have more news to mention.

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According to the information Google Chrome will begin to seriously punish websites that will not let you back down. If you have not yet come across these websites thank the gods.

Google Chrome will wipe out sites that won't let you "roll back"

There are websites that after entering do not let you go back to the search. For example, you are looking for "Store X discounts" (usually I find you on promotional sites), right after I log in and see that there's nothing I like, I want to go back. Well …. Good luck with that.

I click dozens of times and nothing happens. When it finally recedes, it takes a thousand and one clicks and leads me to the research of the last century.

Incidentally, Google has a name for these wrongdoers. The Mountain View company calls them "History Manipulation." With the new update Google Chrome will identify the manipulation and eliminate any possible hindrance to the back button.

Although there is no hard data on the release date of this new update, it is believed that it should not take too long. Therefore, you expect the resolution to arrive soon. Couldn't be happier. It is websites like these that tarnish the internet.

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