Google Chrome prepares to receive new look that makes users furious

Google Chrome Beta

It has become almost a tradition, the dozens of tests performed by Google on the interface of the mobile version of Google Chrome. During the last few times we have seen several visual changes being implemented, making the entire interface simpler, more practical and more productive.

However, new changes to the bottom bar that are in the testing phase are making users furious. Basically, Google Chrome will now show only three icons on its bottom bar, forcing users to choose only one of the two most used features.

Google Chrome Beta

Google Chrome will force you to choose between “tab management” and “sharing”

Currently, users of the mobile version of Google Chrome can take advantage of 5 icons in its bottom bar, with a quick click all its main features:

  • home page
  • Share
  • Search
  • Tab Manager
  • Menu

In an attempt to further simplify its interface, Google intends to reduce the number of icons present to just three, and the menu icon must be positioned in the top bar.

Google Chrome Android bottom bar
Current Google Chrome bottom bar

The big problem in this new interface is not the presence of just 3 icons, but the fact that users should not be completely free to choose the options they like best. Still, it is important to note that these changes are only being tested in Chrome Beta and Chrome Canary, and it is possible that they will receive changes before reaching the stable version.

The three options made available will be reflected not only in the bottom bar, but also in the top of the browser.

Option 1

  • Bottom bar – Home + Search + Share
  • Top bar – Tab management + Menu

Option 2

  • Bottom bar – Home + Search + Tab management
  • Top bar – Menu

Option 3

  • Bottom bar – New tab + Search + Share
  • Top bar – Home + Tab management + Menu
Google Chrome Beta interface
Left: option 1 | center: option 2 | Right: option 3

As you can see, if Google decides to keep these options unchanged, it will be impossible to keep both the “Sharing” option and the “Tab management” option simultaneously in the bottom bar.

This being the main point of displeasure revealed by the users, Google will only have to offer total freedom in the icons to present in order to please “Greeks and Trojans”.

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