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Google Chrome prepares the “real” Dark Mode! See the difference to the existing one!

Google Chrome, like many other Google applications, already has Dark Mode. That is, you can activate the dark version of the application in order to save more autonomy and have a different design.

However, the Dark Mode that companies have been launching for their Apps is not exactly black. This grayish tone helps in autonomy, however, it is not the most suitable. In addition, it does not give you the truly dark tint, that is, it does not take advantage of the AMOLED screens that manage to create the true “black” by turning off the small LED spots.

Differences between Dark Mode in Google Chrome

The new version of Google Chrome Beta gives us a glimpse of what it will be like. Unfortunately not everyone can replicate the key. That is, as much as the new version (v10.94.8) already has the feature, only a few users can catch it.

On the left side we have Dark Mode at this moment and on the right side the new version in Google Chrome Dark Mode
On the left side we have the Dark Mode at this moment and on the right side the new version

The new design takes more advantage of AMOLED screens by offering us a darker shade. Still, this shade is not done in the entire layout.

You can see the details in the images above. On the left side we have Dark Mode at this moment and on the right side the new version. In the survey, the gray is slightly darker and in the survey, below, you see a much denser black than what we have at the moment.

Benefits of Dark Mode

Google Chrome

  • Better reading in low light situations
  • Better smartphone autonomy management
  • Different design than usual

I would like to tell you that Dark Mode is seriously different and that it gives you super advantages, however, this is not the case. The main advantage is to save smartphone battery. Believe that if all Apps have Dark Mode active you will feel the difference.

With “true” Dark Mode on the way, smartphones with AMOLED or OLED screens will feel even more! Hopefully Google will get this design out of Beta as soon as possible and start updating your “normal” app.

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