Google Chrome for Android prepares new feature that you will love if you don’t like to write

Google Chrome

If you are one of those who prefer to speak instead of writing, Google Chrome for Android is getting ready to implement a feature that you will like.

The new feature already appears in a “flag” for some users and adds a microphone button at the top of the browser next to the URL bar.

How the new Chrome functionality for Android will work

Google Chrome

The feature, according to XDA staff, will function as an authentic Google Assistant. That is, instead of typing “” in the URL bar, you can click on the microphone and request on the site just by saying “open the site”.

Although the details of the future research are not defined, it is believed that it will be something like that. In addition, it will work like a typical Google search.

That is, you can click on the microphone and request whatever you want. The browser will show the answer right away. Like writing a question on Google Search.

How to enable functionality

Google Chrome

It should be noted that this feature is not yet available to everyone. That way, you may not be able to activate on your Google Chrome. However, it is believed that it won’t be long before it reaches your smartphone.

In short, you just have to write in the Google Chrome URL “chorme: // flags“. Right after looking for”Voice“and find the feature that says” Voice button on top bar “.

As I mentioned, on my side for example, this feature does not appear in Google Chrome. Incidentally, it also does not appear in Canary, the browser that normally tests all the news of Google Chrome.

In short, we have to be a little patient. This feature is interesting for when your hands are busy and you want to do a quick search, however, for little else it will do. At least for now.

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