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Google Chrome: Android version will be safer but more "hungry" for RAM

Google Chrome: Android version will be safer but more "hungry" for RAM

It's no secret that Google Chrome is a devourer of RAM in its desktop and Android version. According to Android Authority, a new update will make the browser even more hungry for memory but safer nonetheless.

Google Chrome will be safer using a feature called site isolation. This feature causes Chrome to load each site in a separate process, preventing malicious sites from entering your devices through legitimate sites. This feature already exists in the desktop version but is not native to Android.

In fact, site isolation was previously only active on Android on pages that require a password to sign in. This is because site isolation is resource intensive and can degrade performance on entry-level mobile phones with more basic specs.

Website isolation will become active on most mobile phones

The stable version of Google Chrome that will receive the update is 77, with beta being version 78. To best perform site isolation, a phone must have at least 2 GB of RAM. This criterion already covers most equipment today.

However, Google indicates that it is already working on site isolation so that it does not consume as much RAM. It is crucial that Google improves the consumption of this function because unlike the computer, most users have little memory on their mobile phones and every unit is precious.

Importantly, Google has Chrome Canary, available on the Play Store. This is the beta where Google tests all functions before launching in the stable app. So if you want to check out Chrome's upcoming news, give it a try. However, be aware that errors and instability are common.

Try Chrome Canary on the Google Play Store

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