Google Chrome 71 will bring great functionality for your protection.

Google Chrome: Dark Mode Confirmed for Windows 10

Google Chrome 71 will bring great functionality for your protection.Google Chrome 71 is almost reaching all users. As the browser is improved, we will learn all the news coming.

So we have one more new feature in the pipeline that will be a huge help to all those who have gone through the tedious process of unsubscribing from an online subscription.

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Shortly after we mentioned that Google Chrome 71 will start to punish websites that over-advertise, Google decided to show its new asset to eliminate a huge amount of scammers.

Google Chrome 71 will protect website users with sly subscriptions

According to the information, whenever you try to enter a website that has subscription services by phone number, you will be indicated.

As with websites that do not have the "SSL" certificate, where it says that the website "is not secure" and that you can proceed at your own risk, so will websites that have subscriptions.

That is, when you enter one of these websites, you are given a blank page that tells you that the "website has subscription services and can make you money".

This new service will be automatic after you download Google Chrome 71. That means you won't have to do anything to get it active. Even if I can deactivate it later, I don't think people will bother to bother.

This is a fantastic feature that all browsers should have. If you have never fallen for these SMS subscription services, I am sure you know someone who has fallen. This way, less knowledgeable people will be notified as soon as they enter the website that this may happen.

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