Google has updated two new features that will change the way you interact with your smartphone on the web. In fact, with these measures, Google Chrome has just made your Android smartphone a little more “smart”.

The new features of user security and automatic filling are a great asset at a time when interaction on the Internet is much greater.

Google Chrome saves card data by biometric sensor

Google Chrome

Like iPhones, Google Chrome will store your bank card details using a biometric sensor and automatically fill in whenever you need to use it.

That is, when you want to make a payment, instead of having to enter all the card details on all the websites you want to buy, you only have to do it once.

Google Chrome will store this data and whenever you need to use it, you will be asked to enter the biometric sensor to fill in the card data automatically. If the user does not have a fingerprint reader, the smartphone will ask for the smartphone unlock code.

Autofill passwords in Google Chrome

Google Chrome Android smartphone

As with cards in the new feature we talked about above, passwords will also be saved in Google Chrome. Something similar is already happening on the PC and now it will take control on the smartphone.

A lower pop-up will appear with the password “hidden” and asking if the user wants to use that secret word as a password.

The new measures will begin to reach users in the coming weeks. Like all application updates, the update is done on a server and is gradual. That is, it will not reach all users at the same time.

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