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Redmi Note 9 already has a release date. Here is the first official image

Surprisingly, the Redmi India page this morning revealed the first official data on the Redmi Note...

Google Chrome will stand out from the competition with simple but important addition

Despite the undeniable dominance of Google Chrome before the various browsers that continue to try to...

Pure Evoke H4: the full review 2020

The Evoke H4 from Pure is a radio set, capable of receiving FM stations (with RDS) as well as DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) and...

Xiaomi Poco M3 will be available in Europe with friend price

Xiaomi subsidiary Poco is preparing to launch a new affordable smartphone for tomorrow. The model...

Google Camera prepares to receive fantastic news!

Google Camera is one of the apps you have to have on your smartphone if you have the chance. The application gives us more photo quality due to the software that the Mountain View company has built.

An example of this is Xiaomi users who make thirty for a line to have Google camera on their smartphones. Photography gets more detailed and night shots increase the brightness considerably.

Google camera gets tape measure functionality

The application is ready to receive something new that will surely please users. According to XDA, the Google Chamber will receive the Augmented Reality (AR) implementation in upcoming updates.

What is Augmented Reality in the Google Camera for?

One of the most important features of Augmented Reality is that the camera and smartphone can understand what is around you. That is, you can point your smartphone camera at a wall and know how much it measures. Or so do areas. Although Augmented Reality has been more publicized in games, the use of AR in everyday life is a dream that I hope will become reality.

Pokémon Go Augmented Reality

Imagine you want to buy furniture for the living room. You would go to the IKEA website (for example) and see how the furniture would look in the right sized room before buying it. You would no longer need to close your eyes and imagine.

Where will the new Google Camera feature be?

The new "tape measure" feature will be in the application settings. Where you can also, for example, choose slow motion, you can select Google Measure and it is already.

Google Measure in Google camera settings

However, not all smartphones will be able to have the new functionality. Only devices with Google ARCore will have this possibility. Check here on the Google website if yours is on the list.

In short, the new feature will come in the next updates to Google Camera. If you have the possibility to install it, I advise you seriously.

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