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Google Calendar finally ready to receive "Google tasks" integration! See the differences!

Google Calendar has been improving considerably lately. From design change to new implementations, the application is getting better and more efficient.

Well, the new implementation of Google Tasks proves it. After much talk that Google Calendar would “unite” more cohesively with the Google Tasks app, we already have proof of that.

Google Calendar integration images for Google Tasks

Google Calendar Google Tasks

The new implementation comes without any major surprises, but it is not yet available to everyone. XDA user Mishaal Rahman has been able to access a version of Google Calendar Beta in which he shows us how to integrate Google Tasks.

Google Calendar Google Tasks

When you click to add a “reminder”, “goal”, or “event”, you will now also have something that will tell you “task”. As soon as you click you are notified that Google Calendar is integrating with Google Tasks. That is, what you create in the calendar will be added to the Tasks application.

Google Calendar Google Tasks

You can add tasks within previously created lists. This will help a lot at the organizational level. Especially if you are one of those who likes to have all the details in different places.

By adding Task to Google Calendar you can also add all the necessary details like alarms and how long the action lasts. Something that is not exactly abnormal for those who already use this type of application every day.

Addition will soon reach all users

Google Calendar Google Tasks

The new feature is not yet globally available, however it is believed that this may happen soon. For now we have the implementation only in version 2019.47.2-284533606 of the Google Calendar app. Hopefully the feature will not be long in coming.

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