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Google Brings New Life to Data Management Android TV

Google Brings New Life to Data Management Android TV

Google had already guaranteed that it would improve the Android TV experience for those who use it. hotspots to connect your devices to the internet. The company will have noticed that many of the platform's users are not connected to Wi-Fi networks, which is a problem.

Many users create hotspots through their smarthphone or tablet to watch content on Android TV. However, “watching HD TV content on a mobile data connection can easily ruin your data plan,” says Google's Joris van Mens.

To work around this issue, Google says it will introduce the data protection feature for Android TV devices. These will thus reduce data usage on mobile calls up to three times.

android tv data saver

Content quality will be adjusted to save data

The goal is for you to be able to watch more content on your television, with an adjusted quality to save your data. In addition, data alerts were also introduced.

As its name implies, data alerts are so you can better monitor your spending while watching TV. This will allow you to be notified, for example, each time you have exhausted another 1GB of your plan.

These new features will reach Android TV devices soon. The first brands to receive will be Xiaomi, TCL, Marq and Flipkart. Xiaomi's new line of smart TVs will support this feature

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