Google Assistant with Apple Music? It is already possible in some countries!


Google has announced that some users of its smart speakers can now use Apple Music in conjunction with Google Assistant.

As of today, it is possible to pre-define Apple Music as the service of choice in Nest Audio, for example, and the possibility of using voice commands to listen to songs, albums or playlists is also enabled. This functionality was already possible with services such as YouTube Premium, Spotify or Pandora.

Apple Music brings Google Assistant closer to the competition


This news reveals Google’s intention to bring its set of smart speakers closer to Amazon’s offerings, as Echo devices have been compatible with Apple Music since 2018. As with other services, you can use Apple’s music service at multiple columns simultaneously.

Countries where it is available

  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Japan

Services like Amazon Music and Tidal remain, for now, out of the compatibility list. Remember that Tidal can be used on Amazon Echo smart speakers, while Apple’s HomePod only allows you to use Apple Music and Pandora.

UK is not yet on the list, but it is hoped that this could happen soon.

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