Google Assistant will remind you of podcasts you didn't hear until the end

Google Assistant will remind you of podcasts you didn't hear until the end

Google Assistant is receiving particularly exciting news for podcast lovers. From now on, there will be a card that will remind you of podcasts you haven't heard until the end.

Called "Resume Your Podcast" this card will appear right at the top of your feed. The title of the podcast you have to finish will be displayed, when it became available, and up to how many minutes are left to listen.

Google Assistant podcast
Image: 9to5 Google

To resume the podcast where you left it, simply click on the "Resume your podcast" card. This will automatically redirect you to the Google Podcasts app.

Google Podcasts is integrated with Google Assistant

This feature is integrated with the Google Podcasts app. This will have effects on all podcasts that you listen to using the Google app.

Since this app is synced to the cloud, you are likely to receive these reminders on all devices where you use Google Asssistant. As this is new to context, you are likely to be asked the first time if this card interests you.

This way, Google wants to make sure you never forget that podcast you left unfinished. A podcast that you have interrupted for whatever reason, but you may resume as soon as it is convenient for you.

This is being implemented with an update to the Google app. So check if you have the latest version of this app. If you do not have it, you must update it so that you can use the "Resume your podcast" function.

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