Google Assistant will receive voice commands on Android Go and KaiOS

Google Assistant will receive voice commands on Android Go and KaiOS

Google Assistant will soon be much more useful and intuitive on Android Go and KaiOS operating systems. While not getting the big headlines of 'Android' and all high-end smartphones, these systems are used by millions of users every day.

Whereas one of the goals of the Mountain View company is to make Google Assistant reach all of its users. This was undoubtedly an implementation that could not be delayed much longer.

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In this way, Google will be able to expand the penetration of its virtual assistant in one of the most important markets of today, India. In addition, they have also recently launched support for many more dialects of this market.

Google Assistant will make Android Go and KaiOS smartphones more intuitive

One of the great goals of these virtual assistants is to make it possible for you to use your smartphone without having to grab it. That's why much of its functionality is based on voice commands. Although both systems already had Google Assistant implemented, support for voice commands is not yet available.

Although they have not specified when this desired implementation will be carried out. During his presence at Mobile World Congress 2019 (Barcelona). A company representative confirmed that it would be launched over the coming months.

Google Messaging Assistant Android

This implementation will help users in a wide range of actions regarding the use of their mobile phones. For example, it will be possible to consulate the weather and order food through simple voice commands. It can also prove to be very useful when you need to write messages.

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