Google Assistant is the smartest virtual assistant on the market

Google Assistant is the smartest virtual assistant on the market
Google Assistant WaveNet
Google Assistant continues to outperform its competitors

The Virtual Assistants / Artificial Intelligences market is expanding. This type of technology is increasingly present in our daily lives, with some standing out more than others. Right now, Google Assistant and Alexa are the most capable.

This conclusion comes from some market studies that have been known in recent times. There is no shortage of specialized companies testing these technologies. All in an attempt to provide the consumer with the most credible information possible.

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In fact, we now have Stone Temple side by side with all the proposals we can find in the virtual assistant market. This company tested Alexa, Cortana on the Invoke Smart Speaker, Google Assistant on Google Home and smartphones, and Siri.

Google Assistant continues to dominate this niche

They were asked a total of 4952 questions in order to understand which one would be the smartest. These findings were based on five categories. These include the ability to respond verbally if the answer came from a database or third party sources, and your ability to understand and correctly answer the question.

The big winner of this challenge was Google Assistant on the smartphone. The research giant's product was the one that provided the most correct answers. Note that Google Assistant at Google Home was in third place. Given that raises some surprise.

As for its competitors, it was Cortana no Invoke that took second place in this study. Then we have Alexa in fourth place, while Apple's Siri came last.

Another fact that may raise some questions about the credibility of this study developed by Stone Temple is the fact that we have a Cortana superior to Alexa. All because many other studies have given second place to Amazon's virtual assistant.

Buying data provided by the same company in 2017, only Cortana saw an increase in its performance. The Microsoft assistant saw the percentage of correct answers rise from 86% to 92.1%.

Although Alexa's percentage of correct answers declined, its attempts to answer a certain question rose 2.7 times higher. Cortana was the one with the lowest number of incorrect answers, closely followed by Google Assistant in both formats.

Google Assistant is the one that uses most external sources

As for the number of answers attributed to a third source, Google Assistant is the champion again. A scenario that was found in more than half of their responses.

On the other hand we have Alexa as the one that least resorted to external sources. Siri had to resort to this 20% of the time, but it was the one that grew the most in this area from 2017 to 2018. Cortana no Invoke was the only one that decreased in this field.

The surprise of this report seems to be the good performance obtained by Cortana. I would honestly expect the Amazon assistant to outperform Microsoft. The places occupied by Google Assistant and Siri are not much of a surprise.

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