Google Assistant and Siri are equally popular, says Microsoft study

Google Assistant and Siri are equally popular, says Microsoft study

Microsoft decided to conduct a study in which it intended to assess the impact of the various virtual assistants available today. The main goal would be to understand which favorite virtual assistant, which gadgets are the most users and which features are most frequently used.

The results obtained by Microsoft will surely surprise many users. It looks like Google Assistant and Sire (Apple) are equally popular with users, winning 36% of respondents. Amazon Alexa was in third place with 25% and Cortana achieved an amazing 19%. As a matter of curiosity (not surprisingly), Samsung's Bixby had to be part of the "others" group, which has only 1%.

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Where are virtual assistants most used?

The Microsoft study found that users use their virtual assistants mostly on their smartphones (72%). Which justifies Siri's dominance over Amazon Alexa. However, as the smart speaker market evolves, Amazon Alexa can be expected to gain ground against Siri.

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Today, in addition to smartphones, smart TVs and smart speakers are users' favorite gadgets for interacting with their virtual assistants. This data comes as no surprise, as this will be the most practical and effective way to track all other data. smart gadgets that they might have in your house.

The smart speaker market will grow even more!

In addition to smartphones, smart speakers – Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc. – have gained incredible popularity over the last year. It was these gadgets that were able to further help make virtual assistants an integral part of our daily lives.

According to the Microsoft study, not only do the vast majority of people plan to buy a smart speaker (smart speaker) over the next 6 months, but still show preference for Amazon gadgets. Therefore, a large growth in the percentage of users using Amazon Alexa can be expected.

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What is the future of virtual assistants?

Virtual assistants are increasingly evolving so they can become valuable tools in our daily lives. Among the top three – Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant – each has its strengths and weaknesses. Still, they can all perform well on the most basic everyday features.

When users need to perform slightly more complex actions, Google Assistant will be the best option.

Finally, even considering the great evolution of these assistants' artificial intelligence capabilities, there is no doubt that they still have a long way to go. Certainly over the next few months / years we will see capabilities being implemented that not so long ago seemed unthinkable.

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