Google App is even more useful when you want to search for videos (APK download)

Google App is even more useful when you want to search for videos (APK download)

Search engines continue to be Google's main focus. After all, being a 'search engine' remains the core of your existence. Therefore, the company continues to bet on the development of its features.

Today, the Google app has become one of the most useful tools on an Android smartphone, giving you privileged access to all services, including searching a wide range of content. Now the latest beta update from Google App brings new additions that will be extremely useful for those who need to search for videos.

Google App Videos APK
Left: Old Interface | Right: Interface with new functionality

How to install the new beta of Google App via APK

Installing apps via APK is very simple, and as long as you only do it for files downloaded from secure sources, it poses no risk to your smartphone. In this case, the APK file has been certified by Google and is housed in Drive to ensure it goes through another security review process.

First click on the Google App logo below and wait a few seconds to start downloading. You may want to have Google Drive installed on your smartphone.

  • Click on the Google App logo
  • Wait a few seconds to download the app (or you are directed to Drive and click download)
  • Clicks on the "successful download" notification
  • If this is your first time, give Drive permission to install APK's
  • Click on the typical "next" and "install"
  • Done, you already have the new version of Google App

PS: if you are using our App, download it below from Browser

Google App APK logo

Much easier to find what really matters in videos

One of the most common Google searches and also on YouTube is instructions to perform the most varied tasks. These popular "how to " videos, however, often come with too much concentrated information. Making it difficult to access the information we really need as fast as you would like.

Google App APK Videos

Labels below the suggested video

With the new beta of the Google App beta, when you search for videos, you'll find a timeline with markers that highlight the various sections of the video.

For example, if you are searching for "10 tips to win at Fortnite", these markers should show exactly when the video is revealed, as well as its name. This will make it even easier to find what you're really looking for in the suggested videos.

Still in testing and not available to everyone

Unfortunately, as with most new features implemented in the Google App beta, the new feature is still in its initial testing phase. Therefore, it is still presented very randomly. Not all videos have these markers, and sometimes their presentation may reveal some bugs.

In addition, it is being made available through the server and not directly with the new version of the App. So to make sure you get the new functionality as soon as possible, you just need to install the latest beta of Google App.

It's important to note that while giving you access to the latest features, these versions beta are much more likely to be malfunctioning.

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