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Google again accused of creating a monopoly with its Search

Currently, Google Search is a practically essential tool for most users. In addition to being the best search engine available, it is present on all major platforms.

This scenario is again being called into question by the US Department of Justice. This federal agency wants to take Google to court for monopolistic practices with its Search.

Google accused of harming its competitors with its search engine

In a 64-page document, the US Department of Justice accuses Google of anti-competitive practices to maintain its monopoly. Decisions that, in the opinion of the authors of this lawsuit, harm competitors and users.


The way in which Google highlights its search engine on the most varied platforms was the catalyst for this decision. Exclusivity agreements, such as the one signed with Apple to be the default search engine in Safari, have been called into question with regard to its legality.

In addition, this lawsuit accuses Google of buying preferential treatment for itself with the profits made by its monopoly. Something that does not give users space to make their choices in this chapter.

Google refuses all charges

As you might expect, Google has already responded to the US Department of Justice’s accusations. In a post on its official blog, the technology claims that this accusation is full of errors.

In his opinion, users can always choose which search engine to use. Counter-attacking this accusation, Google says it is not the only technology to buy special treatment from its partners.

What are the possible consequences for Google

If Google is found guilty of monopolistic practices, there are at least two consequences that it will face. First, the company is subject to a fine that could amount to billions of dollars.

Second, the company may be obliged to give users the possibility to choose which search engine is pre-defined in their equipment. Something that Microsoft has also been subjected to in the past, when analyzing the omnipresence of Internet Explorer on Windows computers.

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