Home Mobile Golf ball coming in was always developed by Nissan (video)

Golf ball coming in was always developed by Nissan (video)

Golf ball coming in was always developed by Nissan (video)

Nissan introduced The ProPilot Golf Ball. As the video demonstrates, it doesn't matter where you put the ball on the ground. This will automatically take over the action and move towards the hole.

It is only necessary to “tell” the ball to go into the hole, that its outer chamber does the rest. Using this, the position of the ball on the ground is located, and the path to the hole is constantly updated and transferred to the ball.

Demo aims to promote Nissan ProPilote 2.0

After receiving the dice, what the ball does is "drive" itself until it reaches its destination. The big reason for this invention is a ProPilot 2.0 demo – Nissan's driver assistance technology.

This will be included in the next line of Skyline models, and promises to use this system to help drivers get to their destination. For this, map data, cameras and radar are used.

Putting a ball in motion by itself is not, however, new. A few years ago the company Sphero used a similar technology. As we see in the video below, the Sphero ball is seen traveling the way to the hole. The big difference is that the Sphero ball was guided by the user through the smartphone.

This then proves to be a beautiful Nissan marketing strategy to promote its driver assistance system. However, golfers who are already rubbing their hands with the possibility of acquiring this ball will be sad to know that it will not be marketed.

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