Golden Ax returns as a free prototype

Golden Ax returns as a free prototype

Golden Axed: A Canceled Prototype

Golden axed

A few years ago, SEGA Studio Australia was working on new installments for the series SEGA Reborn. It was about 2.5D versions of Golden Ax, Street of rage Y Altered beast, and even created an infinite racing version of Shinobi. Creativity reached unimaginable heights in this project, but unfortunately the studios closed their doors in 2013, leaving the jobs abandoned and disappearing forever. Until today.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary, SEGA has decided to rescue one of the abandoned projects, and that is how Golden Axed was born, a trial level that will be completely free and that will allow fans to know how the delivery they had been preparing was going to be.

The game is nothing more than a prototype with a playable level, but seeing the images it seems that the mythical level against Death Adder will not be missing, so perhaps it could not be as short as we imagine It may be that in terms of graphics and gameplay it leaves a lot to wish, but the idea here is to finally show what could be a few years ago. Surely more than one fan of the saga will be delighted to be able to play it.

Street of Rage and much more

Street of KAmurocho

This free games does not end here, since SEGA will also launch other free mini games that we can download directly from Steam. They are as follows:

  • Street of Kamurocho: Inspired by the original Street of Rage, this cute pixelated version mixes the playability and aesthetics of Street of Rage with the Yakuza series, so the result is simply spectacular.
  • Armor of Heroes: Based on the Company of Heroes series, Armor of Heroes offers us a very striking tank battle in which you can play against the machine or in duels against 4 players.

  • Endless Zone: With the motive of paying tribute to Fantasy Zone, in Endless Zone we will enjoy a frenzied arcade made up of four worlds full of aliens and all kinds of enemies.

Endless Zone

As you can see, the games are tributes to great SEGA titles, so it seems like a great idea to celebrate the 60th anniversary. Bearing in mind that they are all free, we will have to be complacent when looking for errors, although we are sure that more than one ends up coming out in full version. How much would you pay to see that Golden Axed finished?


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