Gmail: Google released a change you’ll never see but will be forever grateful for

Google Gmail

Google’s Gmail is one of the most used email services on the planet and for good reason. Gmail can detect Spam like no other platform, and it seems that this is not enough to make Google happy.

In the new update, Google revealed that Gmail will have the ability to detect Office files that are loaded with malware. The goal is to ensure that these files never reach their intended recipient.

Malware via Office files account for 58% of malware coming in Gmail

You have certainly heard the information to never open an Office file from an email you do not know. This is because code is put inside that can affect your computer or the information you have stored there.

Therefore, Google has been testing the new tool that is based on an algorithm that tracks Office files in order to detect malware.

Google has already downloaded 10% of malware from these files

Google Gmail

Google revealed that since it started this new algorithm, the company has managed to reduce emails with malicious files by 10%. You certainly never noticed because they never hit your email box.

This is another important step in the fight against malware and viruses that have been affecting users’ computers for many years.

At a time when “information is money”, care is never enough. Therefore, until this problem is finally eradicated, which can still take time, we continue to advise you never to open a file attached to an email that you do not know. This is the best form of prevention.

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