Gmail: Google is preparing to considerably improve the organization of the application

Google gmail

Google is preparing an update to Gmail that will considerably improve the organization of your emails in the application. Interestingly, this new implementation will come from an application that Google abandoned some time ago called “Inbox”.

The “Inbox” application promised an entirely different email organization than Gmail. The emails were grouped and were not lost in the middle of the inbox. Unfortunately the application ended up being closed by Google, something that gave us the idea that some of its features could migrate to Gmail.

Google will implement a new organization in Gmail

Google gmail

The folks at 9to5Google took an internal look at the changes in the Gmail application and discovered an amount of code that was seriously similar to Inbox.

To be more concrete, Gmail will be able to automatically group emails into segments. For example, travel, promotions, shopping, finance and so on.

In other words, with this new category, when you receive an email from EDP, for example, it will automatically be grouped into the “finance” category.

Or when you buy a trip and have multiple flights and trains. Everything you buy for that trip, will be added automatically in the “trips” category.

When will we have the new functionality in Gmail

Google Gmail smartphone

Apparently Google is still in the implementation phase of the new functionality. Therefore, there are no specific dates for receiving the feature on our smartphone.

Still, we learn that Google has not completely abandoned the ideology of the Inbox application and thankfully. Inbox was an App that deserved the download and the learning time for its use (which was still some). But it proved to be a fantastic ideology for interacting with email. Hopefully Google will carry even more features from the old App.

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