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Cars and trucks arrive at Fortnite A matter of a month or so ago some users discovered in Fortnite code vehicle references. To be more...

Windows Mobile could be in place of Android today, says Bill Gates

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Forget OnePlus Nord! This OnePlus smartphone is the best buy

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Tesla prepares to revolutionize (again) electric cars

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Gmail: dark mode is (finally) starting to reach users!

Google's Gmail is one of the most widely used email services in the world, making it the most anticipated news. The company unveiled Dark Mode for Gmail along with its unveiling of Android 10, however, spent a long time and no Dark Mode for the application.

Well, things are about to change. Users have reported that they are slowly receiving the update that allows them to change the design of their email application.

Dark Mode Google Gmail

Gmail upgrade with Dark Mode is via server

Unfortunately to have this update you do not only need to have the application updated. Users who have revealed to be receiving Dark Mode in Gmail have version v2019.08.18.267.

However, even with this version you may not have the difference in shades. This requires Google to launch the application update via the server. This process is not slow, however, the company usually launches in stages for its users.

Is there a way to do this with Root on your smartphone?

There is a way to get around the situation and enable Dark Mode in the application if you have Root on the device. However, I note that this is not a procedure you should do if you are not completely comfortable with the process.

A smartphone with Root is more vulnerable to malware and only those who know what they are doing should choose to do this. Still, if you are one of those, follow these steps.

Advantages of Dark Mode in Applications

  • Saves more battery on smartphone
  • Does not hurt eyes in night use
  • A different design than usual

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