Give rhythm to your live shows, Soundtrack by Twitch arrives

Give rhythm to your live shows, Soundtrack by Twitch arrives

Music for your Twitch live shows

Music for Twitch Live

If you dedicate yourself to creating content on the internet, you will know that one of the most complicated and problematic issues is what music to use. Because it is not worth taking the first song that you like and putting it in your editing program or playing it while you broadcast live. What's more, doing it freely could be a major headache due to the tools that protect copyright.

On YouTube, for example, if you use copyrighted music without its author's permission, your video will stop monetizing. But the worst thing is that your channel can even become closed if you repeat offenders repeatedly. Although the Google video platform is not the only one that applies these rules.

Twitch has always prohibited the use of copyrighted music without the proper permissions. The difference is that until not long ago it hardly took any action against those channels that did. Until this past summer she was forced to delete thousands of videos for this issue. Hence they are now presenting Soundtrack by Twitch.

This new section or tool for creators has been in development for the last year and will allow any of its users to make use of a collection of themes without any problem. It is like the YouTube audio library, music already licensed by the platform that gives you the peace of mind to use without worrying about anything else and without having to pay for services such as Epidemic Sound, Artlist or Music Ben among others.

In addition, one of the great attractions of Soundtrack by Twitch is that it integrates with the application you are using to stream and separates the sources from the main audio. This separation of tracks allows that in case of ceasing to be available, the entire video would not be silenced but only said song would be eliminated and that's it. The content would continue to be available, perhaps a bit more “boring” but online which is what counts after all.

How to use Soundtrack by Twitch

To use Soundtrack by Twitch, the first thing you need to do is download the application. An independent app that for the moment it is only available for Windows computers.

Once you do and install it, you can add it to OBS so that it is detected as an audio source and you can manage it completely independently, adjusting volume levels, etc. Options without much mystery if you are used to using OBS and performing live shows.

In turn, in Soundtrack by Twitch you will have different playlist with themes of different genres such as electronic, rap, lofi hip hop, dance, etc. A solution that, as you can see, is not bad at all and provides a solution to a problem that many users encounter. Especially all those who start doing live shows, want to give it a bit of atmosphere and don't have the capacity or want to pay for some kind of service that licenses them music.

For now the app is in beta, but you can join the waiting list for when they enable it to be aware and start using it.


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