Give a different touch to your photos with these mobile applications

Give a different touch to your photos with these mobile applications

Five applications to improve your photo editing

The first thing you should know is that all the applications we are going to talk about are free and that you will be able to find them both if you have an Android phone or if you own an iPhone. Although you should also know that almost all have purchases in-app, in case you want to increase or improve its functions. Clarified this, we are going to work with our main apps of the day.


Lightroom is one of the most complete photo editors If what you are looking for is a professional use. You can control the lights, shadows, detail, color temperature and colors each separately or even, if you decide to checkout and pay the subscription, you can apply selective adjustments, correct any defects or modify the perspective of the photo .

As I said, it is a very complete editor and it will surely sound like professional photographers who use it in their desktop version. But what if you want these “extra” functionalities without having to make any payments?

If you are interested, you can download it here for both Android and iOS.



There is an editor that owns many of these tools for free. Developed by Google, Snapseed It is an editor that allows you to do most of things you could do in Lightroom such as correcting lights, colors and others, but you can also use selective tools or modify the perspective of a photo without paying a single euro more in the app.

In addition, if you are one of those who do not want to complicate much by editing a photo, you have a design section with many filters to click and have your photo edited in a second.

Available for Android and iOS



There are times when it may be fine to stop to correct a photo more, but surely many people want to apply a filter and that the photo looks like your favorite photographer or photographer. For this type of editions there is «viscocam» or VSCO, which is perfect not only for having many filters that will leave our photo ready for social networks, but for the community section behind and that you can use to inspire you.

You can investigate all the photos that users upload to their profiles and, on many occasions, see in the description the VSCO filter they have used. So then, you just have to go to the editing part, apply the same filter or another one that you like more and ready, a new photo to upload to your Instagram.

Available for Android and iOS.

Glitch Lab


In addition to filters to make a beautiful image, there are other applications such as Glitch Lab What they are looking for is a more creative result. And, as an exception, this is the only app of all that I am showing you today that you can only use if you have an Android device since, You will only find it on Google Play.

In this application we will be able to apply different types of glitch effect that leave a special result in the photos and that stand out, especially if the environment of the photo is dark. If you do not like this style you just have to go to the next app, but if you like it I encourage you to inquire about all the color adjustments, distortions and effects so that you have a different photo at least.

You can download it for Android.



If you enjoy doing more collages With your most creative facet, you can use the app UnFold You can apply the different grids or grids that the application brings by default, although you also have at your disposal a huge catalog of different templates to which you will have access, as long as you subscribe to the monthly plan or pay individually for each of them.

You just have to select the distribution you like best, apply the photos and a text if you want and ready, you already have a collage to show everyone. To get that final result before sharing is highly recommended, especially when doing it on social networks. UnFold has Android and iOS versions.

In short, these are some of the best apps you can find to edit your photos and give it a different final finish. So now it’s your turn to experiment and see how to take advantage of each one or those that interest you most.


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