Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED, an almost perfect laptop for experts

Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED, an almost perfect laptop for experts

Aero 15 OLED, an extremely complete laptop

Despite that aspect for gamers, Gigabyte Aero 15 it’s a computer very elegant, relatively light and thin. In my opinion, although it depends on the tastes of each user, I would say that many people may find it a very nice team. The body is made of aluminum and, despite that aesthetic gaming of very marked lines and with few curves, we do not find eccentricities at the level of lights and «colors» except for the RGB keyboard and the «Aero» logo illuminated on the back.

This team is well served connections, with ports ranging from USB3.0, USB-C, the internet connection port or even an SD card slot that you will appreciate if you dedicate files to your camera.

The refrigeration system It works perfectly, but the price to pay is a noise that, while not extremely annoying, you should keep in mind. As a curiosity, the system includes a cleaning mode that is activated by pressing the Fn + Esc keys. It will be there when you know the true power (and sound) of the fans.

As for the keyboard, it has a good tour, the RGB lights are configurable through its own software (which I really appreciate) but, as expected, not everything was going to be perfect. This keyboard has a number pad on the right side, something that many users may like and make their work easier. But, on a day-to-day basis, the inclusion of this pad means that the size of all the keys has to be reduced to “fit” into the chassis and, therefore, we have a more concentrated keyboard in less space. Therefore, writing for a prolonged period of time becomes somewhat uncomfortable.

On the other hand, we are talking about a laptop, a portable device to take with us anywhere. By weight and dimensions, as I was telling you just now, it is a team that is more or less average. Nevertheless, the transformer that accompanies it it is perhaps too bulky And it is not so convenient to transport. Of course, we can take the equipment without the charger but, if we are going to do heavy tasks, the battery will go down quite quickly making the charger something absolutely essential.

Very complete hardware, as long as you choose well

The experience that this laptop transmits when using it is good in any task you can do in your day to day from surfing the internet to playing multimedia content or writing a document. But what happens to the most complex tasks? Well, as expected, fulfills the same way as the most common tasks, but, to some extent.

With this laptop you will be able to use editing or photographic applications such as Davinci Resolve, Photoshop or Lightroom without problems because it has a competent hardware in all aspects. In addition, Gigabyte offers us different possibilities when buying it:

  • Processor: It includes the 9th generation Intel processors, being able to choose between the i7-9750H or the i9-9980HK, if we want more power.
  • RAM: 8GB / 16GB / 32GB DDR4 2666MHz.
  • Graph: NVIDIA graphics ranging from the GTX 1650 to the RTX 2080 Max-Q.
  • Storage: M.2 SSD drives starting at 256 GB.

As you can see, a set of hardware quite complete but that, depending on the model you choose, can make the experience more or less positive. Understand me, with this Aero 15 you will be able to run any of the applications that I mentioned or play without problems to all current titles but, depending on the model you choose or, rather, on the specifications of the model you choose, you can take it more or less to the limit.

In my case, I have been testing one of the most basic models of this laptop and, although I have been able to play any of the titles that I have installed as Assassins Creed Odyssey or Far cry 4, in the most demanding cases I have not managed to place the graphics at a higher level or get the best refresh rates to play.

Therefore, think well about the tasks you want to do with this equipment before buying one or another model lightly because, although we are facing a very capable hardware, the numbers are what they are and each task requires minimum specifications.

An amazing and unusual OLED display

What has caught my attention when using this Aero 15 is undoubtedly its OLED screen.

This Gigabyte team assembles a panel that, at the level of specifications, is a true pass: we are talking about a 15.6 ”OLED panel, with 4K resolution, HDR and also has the calibration of 100% DCI-P3 and certification Pantone X-Rite.

What does all this mean? That the screen looks incredibly good, that blacks are really blacks and that, in addition, those who are dedicated to video or photo editing will have a set of certifications that confirm and ensure that the colors we are seeing on screen are “Real”, thanks to the calibration processes to which the panel has been subjected.

Is this screen better than a usual IPS? Well, it will depend on your own tastes but, if you prefer an image that has bright colors, good contrast and that you can trust when editing content in it, it will not disappoint you.

After having been using applications such as DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom these weeks, I can assure you that I had never tried a panel with such quality on a laptop with windows.

The laptop for the most perfectionist creators

The Aero 15 is undoubtedly a team that will not leave you indifferent. Details such as the elegant design, its power or the image quality of that OLED panel, are details that undoubtedly you will enjoy if you are a content creator, a photographer, a videographer or even a gamer who wants to escape from those bizarre designs or from the colored fairs what laptops become gaming

But of course, this team also has its “buts” as I have already commented, although, in my opinion, the most delicate is the poor choice of components. Me recommendation, taking into account the audience of creators that I think this team is aimed at, is that you do not download 512 GB of storage and 16 GB of RAM. And if you’re a gamer, don’t skimp on these sections either, since these components will improve your experience even more than the increase in graphics.

In short, the Aero 15 is a portable good and pretty but, depending on how you look at it, It may or may not be the third b: that of cheap. The Aero 15 with OLED display can exceed 2,000 euros if you follow my recommendation in specifications, or more if you want to bet on some improvement in hardware. And part of the blame for this price increase is the OLED, a type of panel that is not usual in laptops.

So if you want the best of the best in image, you can opt for this option or, if you prefer a device with very similar characteristics but cheaper, you can take a look at our analysis of this other model that we also tested a few months ago, the Aero 15 without OLED display.


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