Ghost-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances

Published: 2023-03-31T21:22:29

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Ghost-type Pokemon may be troublesome monsters to battle because of their rarity and typing, so we’ve bought a useful information that particulars their weaknesses and resistances, in addition to one of the best counters to make use of towards them. 

Some Pokemon are extra troublesome in battles than others, and Ghost-types are undoubtedly a number of the sneakiest creatures within the franchise.

As there are solely 70 whole Ghost-type Pokemon within the Pokedex as of Generation 9, they're the fourth rarest kind of Pokemon in all the franchise. As such, trainers could not need to cope with all of them that usually, which may make battling them in powerful fights pretty difficult.

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Just like each kind within the collection, nevertheless, Ghost-types can, in fact, have their very own set of weaknesses and they are often countered. Now that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are with us, right here’s what you could know to outlive an encounter with a Ghost-type Pokemon – and to return out victorious.


Ghastly Pokemon Ghost-type who has weaknesses.The Pokemon Company / Game Freak

Ghastly is usually the primary Ghost-type Pokemon gamers come throughout because of its introduction in Gen 1.

What is a Ghost-type Pokemon’s weaknesses

Ghost-type Pokemon have two main weaknesses in the case of strikes and opposing Pokemon sorts:

  • Dark-types
  • Other Ghost-types

Therefore, when seeking to take down a Ghost-type Pokemon, deliver alongside a workforce that features Pokemon which belong to these classes. However, we’d focus your efforts on Dark-types, as if you happen to battle one other Ghost-type Pokemon, you’ll even be weak towards your opponent.

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Don’t overlook {that a} Pokemon can have a number of sorts; For instance, your chosen ‘mon could also be a Ghost and Psychic-type Pokemon. So make sure you make the most of another weaknesses they could have by being conscious of their secondary kind.

Best counters for Ghost-types

When developing towards Ghost-types, Pokemon like Darkrai, Umbreon, Absol, or Gen 9’s Mabosstiff are dependable choices. These are pure Dark-types and may do a whole lot of injury whereas taking little in return.

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Always keep in mind a Pokemon’s secondary kind when deciding on your counter Pokemon and strikes. While the above three examples are efficient towards Ghost-types, the opposing Pokemon could have resistances primarily based on their main/secondary kind.

Specifically, Pokemon like Sableye, Spiritomb, Hoopa, and Lunala may be difficult to struggle towards because of their secondary Dark-typing. These Pokemon might be broken usually by Ghost and Dark-type strikes.

Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar ghost-type Pokemon with weaknesses.Niantic / The Pokemon Company

Ghastly evolves into Haunter, and at last, into the highly effective Gengar.

Strengths & resistances

As nicely as having weaknesses, Ghost-type Pokemon are additionally proof against sure different sorts and strikes. When going up towards a Ghost-type Pokemon, keep away from Bug and Poison-types.

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Pure Ghost-types are additionally resistant to Fighting-type and Normal-type injury, so attempt to bear this in thoughts when heading into battle.

What is a Ghost-type Pokemon?

Ghost-type Pokemon are usually fairly creepy trying, incorporate darker colours into their designs, and are sometimes primarily based round real-world objects, like candles, treestumps, swords, or pumpkins.

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, they're typically discovered floating across the map at nighttime and should even disappear and reappear when approached.

Some Ghost-type Pokemon may be particularly simple to identify, however others are much less distinguishable. If you’re assured {that a} Pokemon is just not a Ghost-type, however bears related traits, then you possibly can be taking a look at a Dark, Fairy, or Psychic-type Pokemon.

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So, that’s every little thing you could find out about Ghost-type pokemon together with their weaknesses and resistances.

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