Nvidia Shield TV, a great complement to your television

The Nvidia Shield TV is one of the most interesting devices of the market, especially if you are going to make a certain economic investment (the Pro model costs 219 euros). Because to the advantages of Android TV as an operating system, we must also add access to GeForce Now and highly capable hardware for all kinds of multimedia tasks.

Still, there are those who after taking it out of the box and connecting it to the television have simply used it with the settings and applications that come by default. Which is not bad, but it is true that many of its capabilities are wasted.

So, we are going to give you some tips, we will show you little tricks and a list of essential applications that you should install. So you can get the most out of this great set top box.

Of course, a note before continuing, if you still do not have the game controller for the Nvidia Shield TV or a compatible one, such as the PS4, you have to get one now. Because only this is how you are going to be able to make the most of your options.

Tips and tricks for squeezing the Nvidia Shield


We are going to comment with the basic settings and some tricks that you should know to get more out of this Nvidia device.

1. Adjust the intensity of the green LEDs

Some people find the green LEDs on the device attractive. And yes, they have their point, but it is also true that when the room is completely dark they can get annoying. The brightness level can be varied, just go to System> LED brightness and adjust it to the value that interests you most. We would opt for low, so that it continues to maintain a little that differentiated point but without disturbing.

2. Processor performance

The Nvidia Shield TV integrates a Tegra processor, if you are not going to use the device with GeForceNow or do not need it to be at maximum power and performance at all times, in the Settings> Processor mode You can adjust between optimized and maximum performance.

3. Copy data from the computer to the Nvidia Shield via USB

Nvidia Shield TV Android TV

If you access the settings of the System> Storage and restart You will see that there is an option that allows you to activate the access to the storage of Nvidia Shield TV through a USB A to USB A cable. Ok, the cable may not be the most popular, but you can buy it from Amazon easily.

When you connect the Nvidia Shield TV to the computer it will appear as another external disk, so you can copy the files you need. A faster option for large files compared to the option to do it over the local network.

4. Customize the home screen

Like Android TV, you can customize the home screen according to your interests. For example, to show you suggestions for services such as Netflix, YouTube or Play Store applications. From Settings> Home Screen you can adjust what you want to be or not visible.

Within the home screen you will also see settings to automatically organize the apps you use the most. Here it is a matter of taste, if you want to know where each of your apps is at all times, disable this option. If, on the other hand, you like having the most used ones of the last days visible, activate.

5. Installation of applications from unknown sources

Similarly, when using Android TV you can also decide whether or not you want to allow the installation of applications from unofficial sources. This is important to do when you are clear about the provenance and reliability, if not, our recommendation is not to do it.

To activate this option, in the Settings go to Security and restrictions, activate the Unknown sources option.

6. Control your TV with the Nvidia Shield TV remote

NVIDIA Shield TV Remote

The HDMI connector of the Nvidia Shield TV offers CEC support, this means that you can control the television with its remote control. To do this, in the Settings, go to the option of Screen and sound and activate the option of Power control (CEC TV). Now when you grab the remote to turn on the Nvidia Shield TV the TV will also turn on if it is in mode stand by. In addition to being able to control the volume.

7. Turn off background network search

On a phone, tablet or computer it can be interesting to be looking for new WiFi networks in the background. But on a device like the Nvidia Shield TV it doesn’t make as much sense once you’ve connected it to your local network via ethernet cable or wirelessly. Because the network will not change. So go to those Network settings and disable the option.

Must-have apps for Nvidia Shield TV


Now that you have made some adjustments to the configuration of your Nvidia Shield, it is time to install applications that allow you to get more out of your hardware. These are our favorites.


AirScreen is an ideal application for send content from any device to your Nvidia Shield TV (or any other Android TV-based set top box or Smart TV). This application, which we have already talked about, not only gives you the option to receive content through chromecast support, but also through the Miracast and AirPlay standards.

The application is free and offers ads. If you want to remove them and in the process get some additional functions and adjustments, then you will have to pay. Although it is worth seeing later how it works, especially if it is to send content from iOS devices.

AirScreen - AirPlay & Cast & Miracast
AirScreen - AirPlay & Cast & Miracast


Although the GeForce Now library offers high-quality, current titles, both graphically and story-wise, there are other games that are always worth a return. The great classics of 8-bit and 16-bit consoles or arcade machines are perfect for those evenings when you simply want to enjoy proposals that marked the future of video games.

In order to emulate all these consoles and arcade machines it is RetroArch, a real gem hidden in the Play Store. An application as simple to use as download, install and run. Because having the Nvidia Shield TV remote already connected you won’t need anything else.



Using VPN networks can be very useful on an Nvidia Shield TV. Thanks to them you can access services that are not available in your country or skip the meaningless limitations that some services sometimes impose.

For Nvidia Shield TV there are several options, but if it is to use streaming services that are not available in your country, the best option is ExpressVPN. There are more services as you may already know, but seeing the results it is better to contribute for it. The only problem is that it is a service, perhaps, expensive if you are going to use it in a timely manner. But that is something that you have to value.

Regarding use, both installation and configuration are more or less simple. If you have experience in using this type of apps, you will already know what we are talking about. If not, take it easy because you learn quickly. On the web you have a clear application on how to install and configure ExpressVPN on Android TV. Once done, you just have to register and select your ideal plan.

ExpressVPN - VPN # 1 - Secure, fast and private
ExpressVPN - VPN # 1 - Secure, fast and private

Steam link

The use of Steam Link has always been interesting, although its use has never been so massive. This application allows use your PC as a machine capable of sending via streaming the video signal of your games to the TV in the living room or where you have the Nvidia Shield connected.

If, for example, one day you want to play more comfortably in the living room or with a larger screen than your usual monitor, Steam Link allows you to do so. Just install the app, follow the setup instructions and you’re done.

Steam link
Steam link


Using Plex on an Nvidia Shield TV as Media player by default it should be mandatory for any user of the device. If, in addition, you have the Pro model even more. Because not only will you be able to play content, you could also double as Plex Media Server so that other devices with the Plex client can access said material.

Also, if you have the files perfectly renamed so that it can read the information and show you data such as the cover, director and actors, etc., you will enjoy even more of one of the best multimedia experiences. Just a note, there are some limitations when running Plex Media Server on the Nvidia Shield TV (all logical for the hardware used).

Plex: Stream Movies, Shows, Music, and other Media
Plex: Stream Movies, Shows, Music, and other Media


If Plex is essential, Kodi could also be considered one of those apps that add even more value to your Nvidia Shield TV. East media player not only allows you to play content that you have stored locally, it also has a good number of add-ons with which you can access services such as Twitch, YouTube, Vimeo, NFL and a long etcetera from the App itself and without having to switch between them. In addition to some other interesting benefit.


All these applications will add value to the Nvidia Shield TV. Of course there are many others, such as those that give access to video services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, etc. So it’s all a matter of taking a walk around the Play Store and digging.