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Get ready to see more smartphones with 16GB of RAM! You see

Samsung launched the first smartphone to the market with 16GB of RAM. Well, the company has just announced that it is preparing to mass-produce this type of memory.

This means that more smartphones will arrive with this feature inside. RAM memory is very important in a smartphone to give it more fluidity in its use.

16GB memory will be a priority on smartphones with 5G

Samsung RAM

This huge amount of RAM seems exaggerated today, however, with the introduction of 5G in our world, RAM will play an important role in the memory management of smartphones.

That is why Samsung believes that this will be an important business. I remember that Samsung produces components for its smartphones but also sells them to other manufacturers. From screens, RAM memory or even photographic sensors.

Get ready to see even more expensive smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Smartphones

The first smartphone with 16GB of RAM, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, hit the market for € 1379. In other words, the price of this type of components is not yet affordable.

This means that features like 16GB of RAM will be exclusive for super high-end terminals. The best of the best. The price will refer to that.

At a time when we are seeing the price of mobile equipment rising, many are wondering where this will go. I personally believe that 16GB of RAM (or even 5G) are features that we don’t need yet.

It should take a few years before 5G technology is fully available in UK and buying a 5G smartphone these days is paying more for a feature that you won’t be using anytime soon.

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