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Teclast Phablet 4G Tablet

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Get ready for the arrival of the dark mode and redesign of the «new Facebook»

The new Facebook design

If you are still a regular Facebook user, this is very likely to interest you. It’s been almost a year since the company showed a brief advance of what they considered to be the “new Facebook”, a change caused by all the controversies generated and also by that need to adapt to what users and web trends demanded.

Thus, beyond issues related to their algorithms, how information is displayed or not, fake news, etc., there was something that attracted a lot of attention and that many wanted: a interface redesign and dark mode.

Well, for a few months some chosen users have been able to try these changes to give feedback to the company and that it could act accordingly to improve what they deem appropriate. Now, through CNET, we know that they seem to be very close to the final result and this would arrive before the spring of this year 2020.

If there is no additional delay for any reason they do not control, before March 19 would be this redesign of the Facebook interface and also that new dark mode. But what changes will there be.

As we saw in April of last year, these changes at an aesthetic level and also internal are according to Facebook itself the most important made in the last 5 years. To start the weight of the blue color that you can see right now is lost. It is still present in the logo, but it no longer has the same weight.

Redesign UI Facebook

This starts a much cleaner and lighter interface, an aesthetic change that would almost generate the feeling of being in a new place and not in the social network that has had so much weight on the internet in recent years.

In addition, beyond the colors and that dark mode, it would not be bad for it to support the automatic theme change according to user settings and operating system (similar to those made by Instagram), there are other details that will also change such as the location of the notifications that pass to the right side of the interface in the desktop version, how the stories on the home page, contacts or the quick access to the different sections.

Of course, the interface change will not make many of those who stopped using the platform come back. But, at least, it is a good way to try to give it a new air and hope that the rest of the changes at the level of operation, privacy, etc., end up convincing those who had doubts about whether to continue or not.

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