A mix between Heartstone, Magic and LoL

Legends of Runeterra was announced a few months ago, it was one of the new games based on League of Legends that would see the light. For a time it was in the open beta phase and we already have the official launch date. Next day April 30th PC and mobile versions will be available.

Of course, before continuing, in case you haven’t heard of the game, what exactly is Legends of Runeterra.

Legends of Runeterra is a card game in which you will have to fight against other adversaries in the same way that classic games like Hearthstone or Magic The Gathering propose. And we name both because, despite there being important differences between the two, the mechanics of the Riot Games title is a mixture.

For starters, just like in Magic we have the five colors, here are the regions. In each of these zones, your champions and allies offer different skills and characteristics that affect how you play, how your deck strategy will be. That is, there will be cards that are designed for faster and more direct play, while others will be based on spells and combinations with other cards to achieve victory.

However, here it does not happen as in Magic that there are mana cards that you must go down to the play area to invoke your creatures and spells. In that aspect it is more similar to Heartshtone, so to some extent it earns a greater dynamism and speed in the game. Although that does not imply that it is easier to play.

As you can imagine, starting players will play simpler games as they also have more basic cards and less experience in everything related to strategies, card combinations and even regions to enhance skills. So, it will be after many games and see the strategies of others how you can advance towards a more complex game. Although if you already have experiences in this type of games, it will surely be easier for you.

What is clear is that Riot seems to have made a very good mix between both proposals. What added to the universe in which it is based is sure to help you attract many new players once the game is officially launched. We are convinced that for League of Legends fans it will be a good proposal and alternative to the root game.

What do I need to play Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra will be available for both PC and mobile devices. In the case of computers, minimum requirements What you will need are the following:

  • PC with Windows 7 or higher
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Graphics card with 512 MB of VRAM memory or higher

Although the game is loaded with animations, as you can see the requirements are nothing to write home about. So you can practically play with any computer you have. The only downside is that no client for macOS yet. That’s a point against a good number of users who might be interested and will be left without playing unless they install Boot Camp or emulate Windows within macOS.

Regarding mobile platforms, here there is for both. Both iOS and Android will be playable. Of course, it requires versions of the system higher than iOS 9 or Android 5.0 and have 64-bit ARM processors in the case of Apple devices and Ádrenos 306 or higher in those of Android.

Also, if you have a first-generation iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, or iPad Air with 1 GB of RAM, you better not play on them. Because even when the game is available, the developers already warn that the games could suffer from poor performance and experience interruptions.

Time to become a legend: Legends of Runeterra will be available for PC and mobile starting April 30! pic.twitter.com/ijqwDuMRZV

– Legends of Runeterra ES (@RuneterraES) April 4, 2020

Otherwise, if you like what you see and have not yet had the opportunity to try the beta, get ready for the 28th. From that date the client deployment will begin in the different regions, so that the day April 30 will now be available to everyone. From that day on, a new card expansion will also arrive.

Oh, if you intend to play it, log into Legends of Runeterra before May 8 if you want to receive the Lunar Pore Guardian. And remember that in the mobile version the Riot account will not be necessary to play, but if you want synchronize games between platforms (PC and mobile) yes you will need it.