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GeForce NOW turns Chromebooks into PC gaming

GeForce NOW is now compatible with Chrome OS

Within the education sector, there are two main tools that students use in the classroom: Chromebooks and iPads. Both are very good options and choosing one or the other is simply a matter of how the different technologies, educational platforms, services, etc. are implemented in each school.

However, it is possible that from now on students have a certain predilection for computers with Chrome OS as the operating system. And even many may dare to consider them as their next PC. Because they not only offer access to all the online tools available through a browser, but also access to GeForce NOW. Nvidia’s streaming game service announces its arrival on ChromeBooks.

From now on, even if it is in beta, if you have a Chromebook you can access a service that already has more than 600 games. Among them, many triple A’s that to execute them with ease would require a Gaming PC or video game console such as PS4 or Xbox. And of course, if you are a gamer, you will not care, but if you are a casual player, better value other options.

For those cases, news like these empowers a type of device that offers important advantages such as portability, autonomy and other characteristics that make up for this lack of power at the graphic level. But if GeForce NOW or other alternatives like xCloud’s cloud gaming service or Google’s Stadia give option to play console titles or very demanding in graphic matters, it can be said that you have practically everything in a computer that in turn is usually quite cheap. Of course, you should use a gamepad for a better gaming experience.

GeForce NOW keeps moving forward

The Division 2 GeForce NowGeForce NOW progress is still slow but steady. After all those controversies and initial setbacks due to the developers who took their games off the platform, the truth is that little by little he has been finding a way to convince many others that his option is highly interesting.

Something that we certainly confirm. Because being able to play titles like Destiny 2, Shadow of the Tom Raider, Assassin’s Creed, Hyper Scape and soon to come Cyberpunk 2077 on computers with performance below the average of what a gaming computer would ask for is something surprising.

Also, the interesting thing about GeForce NOW is that it has both a free and paid plan depending on the type of player you are. If you dedicate several hours a day, you are interested in paying and having other extra advantages such as priority access to their servers. Without being a casual player, you can enjoy the free plan. It is true that it limits you to sessions of one hour, but it is more than enough and with the amount of titles that can be obtained for free in stores that support GeForce NOW it is quite worth it.

Hopefully one day this support also reaches Apple iPads and iPhones. That day would undoubtedly be a great success for the company, as it could reach millions and millions of additional users who use these equipment on a daily basis. Even so, the arrival to Chromebook is already important enough not to detract from the company’s work.

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