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Garmin has a smartwatch for eSports players

Garmin Instinct Esports Edition

Garmin Smartwatch for eSports Gamers

Garmin has been around for a few hectic days, introducing new smartwatches with a very particular focus on each of them. For example, we learned about the new watch for children and shortly after another one that was aimed at all those users who do underwater sports.

Now it is the turn of another proposal that is also very niche, but that has the odd novelty that, seeing it under the proper prism, could make it very interesting. This is the new Instinct Esports Edition.

The new smartwatch that Garmin has presented is focused on the world of eSports. Yes, and it makes perfect sense that they get into a sector that moves significant amounts of money each year.

In addition, the manufacturer has a lot of experience in offering tools for both amateur and high-level athletes. And since eSports players are precisely the latter, why not also take advantage of technology to improve their performance.

However, it would be unattractive to offer only a watch that allows monitoring aspects such as heart rate, stress level and some other additional data. Because that is already done by many others that are available on the market.

Therefore, what makes this Instinct Esports Edition attractive is its ability to share this information with the audience in real time if so desired. This is achieved together with the use of new STR3AMUP tool!, an application that is installed on the PC and after connecting with the clock, allows viewers to be shown the following information:

  • Heart rate
  • Stress levels
  • Time of the day
  • Game timer

These data will not only serve the players to get to know each other better, to assess to what extent or not they need to change routines and habits or incorporate new ones that allow them to redeem more. It is also an interesting way to show those who see it to what extent they suffer more or less stress in each of the games they play.

For the rest, the watch still offers many of the options such as monitoring of more than 30 sports activities with which the Garmin Instinct series already has. Not forgetting that it has a very sporty design that many users will like, an extra autonomy in case you want to partly forget about charging it daily and notifications.

Price and availability

The new Garmin Instinct Esports Edition is available in a black finish with red lettering, its price is 299 euros and it is available now.

So, if you are an eSports player and you want both to improve your physical condition and to share your progress or current situation while streaming, this could be the best current option on the market. Or not, what do you think?


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