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Garmin has a new watch for kids that will keep them active

Garmin Vivofit Jr 3, fun quantification for kids

During the presentation of the new iPad we could see how the apple company launched new models of its smart watch (Watch Series 6 and Watch SE) and also oriented them as a device for the smallest of the house.

This caught the attention of some. In the first place, because it is not an inexpensive product for a child to have. Not even the Watch SE, which offers a cheaper price, is really attractive to give it to a minor.

Second, because to use an Apple watch it is necessary to have an iPhone to associate it with an account and thus enjoy all its options. They solved this by launching Family Setap, a new option that allows several watches to be associated with the same phone. Of course, there are options and with them real attractiveness when using the Watch, whatever it is of all the compatible models (Series 4, Series 5, Series 6 and SE).

Therefore, if what you are looking for is a device so that your child can quantify his physical activity and have some other option of interest, there may be nothing better than new Vivofit Jr 3 from Garmin. This is a smart watch or quantifier that differs first and with respect to its predecessors in the front that grows in size. Now it goes from the 11 x 11 mm of the Vivofit Jr 2 to the 14.11 x 14.11 mm of the current one.

This and that childish touch that it retains, with different finishes at the level of colors and other small details, make it a striking option. Although the best is in its functions in relation to the price it has.

To start with is a exercise monitor capable of keeping the data for up to two weeks, it can be uploaded while it is being used and comes with a multitude of options when it comes to monitoring the child’s activity by parents and guardians or posing challenges to motivate them to do sports. fun way and getting rewards if they succeed.

These awards are typically related to the Garmin smartphone app. So, the more exercise they do, the more adventures they can discover as well as prizes to collect. At the end of the day, it is to carry the same idea of ​​gameification as the rest of the brand’s watches, but adapted to the little ones.

With all these options that allow you to measure up to 7 activities, measure sleep, step counter, distance traveled and more, it should also be noted that on the screen you can display contact information in case of emergency. Thus, you can add name and telephone number of the person with whom someone should contact if something happens to him and he cannot do it.

Price and availability

He new Garmin Vivofit Jr 3 will be available from the fourth quarter of 2020 at a price of 89.99 euros. As well as with several designs that go from a watch with the tones of Iron Man, Black Panther, Disney Princesses or yellow, light, pink and blue tones.


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